Walking Eolie Excursions
Location: Aeolian Archipelago
Available Seat: 12
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IMG_1496Live in a Cave on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea in the Aeolian Archipelago. 

Live your seasonal experience in a luxiorius Cave in a mountain location on a minor island of Sicily.

The Cave is composed of a two-person bedroom, bathroom, large terrace sea view, and an outdoor kitchen. 

The owner of the cave is an artist who will accomodate and lead you through :

  • Botany (gathering of wild plants)
  • Sicilian Cooking 
  • History of the island and eco building methods
  • guided Explorations of the Island and its Prehistorical sites
  • Fishing and Excursions for seasonal catch
  • Art Experience 


Live in a work of art – a beautiful and unique house where you will share the artist's life. 

A total immersion in the everyday day life on a remote island. 

The program is tailored for the seasons and your interests. 


We design our package based on which activities are available in the period. 

– gathering of grapes in fall

– seasonal cooking (Christmas cookies, Easter biscuits, jams, mushroom

   preserves etc.)

– the festivities with holiday banquets and  traditional dances– for Christmas,

   Carnival, Easter and much more. 

Proposed schedule : 

  • first day arrival to Catania airport, transfer to Hotel. Visit of the city and dinner.
  • second day, morning departure to Milazzo and then speed boat to the island. Introduction to the cave and the artist. 
  • third day for Botany, gathering of wild plants and exploration of prehistorical sites, and cooking together for dinner.
  • fourth day for Sicilian Cooking Class with local and seasonal produce, class on antique preservation techniques. In the afternoon art or mountain or sea activities. 
  • fifth day is free, in the evening  there is a Social Dinner with friends
  • sixth day visit to another island including lunch at a fisherman house.
  • seventh day leaving to Catania and eno-gastronomic and walking tour on Mount Etna
  • eighth day departure


Package includes everything except your flight to Catania and some lunches on the island to let you free to choose yourself.

Days are scheduled on your wants. 

We will arrange the programs based on your desires.

Let us design with you your ideal vacation experience.  


On Request

Based on your needs a professional cook can be placed at your disposal to prepare meals at home when not included in the program. 

Thai Massage available

Private boat transfer available

Helicopter transfer available

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