Walking Eolie Excursions
Location: In Vineyard Wine Tasting - Salina
Available Seat: 12
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Salina strikes for the majesty of her mountains, the intimacy of her corners, roads and harbors, for the elegance of her nuances from colors to tastes.

Walking up and down the mountains, I have never missed watching amazed at the vineyards, humble and rich at the same time, full of the power of Nature, new everyday, always.

Knowledge of winegrowers who combine traditions with new experience from abroad reveals their work into glasses full of the wind, sun, moon and sea of Ulysses.


Our wine tours include a guided visit with qualified guide of the Malvasia vineyards, tasting of Salina Bianco, Rosato, and sparkling wine, passito of the wineries Barone di Villagrande, Caravaglio, Hauner, Fenech, Capofaro, Virgona, D’Amico.

In all tours special food is included as simple tasting, Sicilian pic nic with arancini and pane cunzatu or typical Aeolian lunch and dinner available also on board of a boat.

And for the most curious guests the deluxe wine tour of Barone di Villagrande includes its marvelous and famous Etna wines from Nerello: Etna rosato, Etna bianco superiore, Legno di Conzo, Etna rosso, Sciara, Lenza di Mannera. All served with lunch and dinner of excellence.

Tours have two times: 10 am or 6 pm. The numerous connections between Milazzo and Salina allow comfortable daily tours.