Walking Eolie Excursions
Location: Peloritani Mountains - Messina
Available Seat: 12
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Immerged in the Agrò valley, on a cliff Rocca Castello, is Antillo, enchanting medieval town full of green and popular traditions. It is a thousand-year old hamlet watching the Jonian sea on the Peloritani mountains. Ancient origins and traditions make it still in time. Here they held a corn and pork festival where local women come to the road and prepare food like home. Extraordinary. Anti is like a piece of a puzzle of Sicily that encloses all signs of this beautiful island from a mountain perspective. Arabs, Normans…..lived here. 

Its wood offers a very rich vegetation and while walking you can smell the soil, the bark, the musk, the lichens, enjoying beautiful landscapes out of everyday life. 



Walking up Monte Kalfa, 1000 mt a.s.l. for a marvellous view over the mountains of Sicily. 

Join us to visit Antillo, shopping Antillo specialties for lunch, and walk in the wood among its valleys. 

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